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May 21, 2020

Exciting new announcements from Build 2020 (day 1)

Exciting new announcements from Build 2020 (day 1)

Microsoft Build is the annual development conference with the attendance of thousands of developers over the world. In previous years this event happens in-person attendance, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all events are move to virtual. With the virtual event, this year helps to reach even more audiences than before.

The event was kick start at 8.00 AM PDT time and Satya Nadella delivers the Keynote on the topic Empowering every developer. With the start of the event, followed with few interesting sessions focussing on developer and technology tools used by them.

Here are a few exciting announcements from day 1

Azure Static Web Apps

This service allows developers to build and publish production scale applications using GitHub for free. As the name suggests, purpose of this is to host the static applications  contains HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Static Web Apps can integrate with Azure Functions and other PaaS services in Azure.

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AKS Support for Windows Containers.


AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) Windows container now at Generally Available for all customers to lift and shift their Windows application to the Kubernetes. With the support of Windows containers, developers can build their Windows-based application and leverage the power of Kubernetes such as auto-scaling, HA, and security.

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Azure Private Link AKS enable customers to interact with the Kubernetes API servers as a private endpoint in their virtual network. This ensure that all Kubernetes management operations remained within the same network boundaries and in complete isolation. Because Private Link provides private connectivity from the customer’s virtual network to the Azure-managed Kubernetes control plane, customers can still get all the benefits of AKS but in an even more secure configuration.

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Azure Advisor Integrate with AKS


Azure Advisor provides key cost, security, best practices adherence, operational efficiency insights about Azure resources. With Azure Advisor for AKS  helps customers to improve performance, availability, and security, cluster hygiene of the AKS clusters at no extra cost.

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GitHub Actions for Azure  


GitHub's actions for Azure now integrated with Visual Studio Code, Azure Portal, and CLI. This will allow developers to ship applications more quickly and securely. The development team can leverage more than 30 plus GitHub actions available for interaction with Azure.

  • VS Code extension assist to developers to work with continuous build and deployment to Azure Web Apps and Azure Kubernetes Service, without leaving the VS Code
  • Azure CLI extensions supports to deploy applications to AKS and Azure Container Instences
  • GitHub Acctions are now integrated with deployment center in Azure Web Apps

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Visual Studio Codespaces


Visual Studio Codespaces is a tool that enables developers to work remotely from anywhere with a full feature enabled cloud-hosted development environment. These Codespaces environments can access from Visual Studio Code when needed.

To configure Visual Studio Codespaces with VS Code, we need to install extension for Visual Studio Codespaces. The complete guide for setup can found here.


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Release of Windows Terminal 1.0


Windows Terminal is an essential tool in developers arsenal. It now allows the use of multiple panes and tabs in one window. As an example, you can now use Powershell, WSL, Windows Command Line all in the same window.

The new version also offers some new improvements and features such as GPU-accelerated text rendering , Unicode and TF-8 characters. Who doesn't need more imojis :)

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That concludes our first post on #Build2020. Watch this space for more recaps like this.

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